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About Ben Smallman PR

Ben Smallman PR is a small business that delivers high quality content and promotions, with a particular focus on the automotive and the tyre industry. Boosting years of experience in PR and Marketing, Ben decided to launch his own business. He asked us for help to market the business and boost his online visibility. He required a new logo and a small website that set the tone for his business, in styling and personality. After an initial briefing call to get to know him as a person and establish what was most import to him, we set to work in creating a style that suited him and his venture.


The Branding

Ben’s brief was simple: he wanted a clean, minimal and modern brand that still showed some personality. He mentioned he had a habit of underlining his autograph, and we discovered he had a background in writing shorthand. All these factors came together in the final concept. The subject matter had to be obvious, but communicated in a simple and stylish way. The underline in the logo links back both to Ben’s personality and habits, as well as the traditional image of a speech bubble, representing the communication that is vital in his work. This underline also reminded Ben of shorthand writing in particular. Finally, we went for a clean and professional looking sans serif that is easy to read at almost any size, allowing the logo to be applied in a variety of ways. Extra spacing between the letters creates a luxurious look that showcases the quality that Ben delivers.


The Website

We determined that the website had to look clean, modern and professional,  but showcase personality as well, to help Ben’s new brand stand out from the crowd and make his business easy to recognize.

We achieved this through both imagery and colour palette. The violet present in the brand was used as a primary colour, used in buttons, headers and background. Secondary colours were added to this, to give the website a playful look and feel and define sections for each content piece. This colour variety makes the website easy to skim and navigate, allowing every visitor to find what they were looking for.

The website uses illustrations rather than photography, adding to the distinct styling. Each illustration is beautifully made and matches the colour palette, ensuring an overall stylish and professional look and feel.  Finally, to echo the styling used in the logo, triangles and ‘speech bubble’ styles are used throughout the site to emphasize and guide the user in the right direction. This ultimately helps the site drive more leads.

Ben is pleased with his website and maintains and updates his own blog after completing his initial WordPress training.


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