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About Maplebrook Wills Shropshire

Helen Esslemont is an estate planner and will writer for Maplebrook Wills, working within the shropshire area. She helps her clients through a combination of expertise and sound advice, as well as the empathy and care required to deal within this subject matter. As part of Maplebrook Wills, she didn’t have her own online presence and found this was holding her back in gaining sufficient business online. This is why she asked for help in setting up her own website to represent her business in this area of the UK.


The Website

As Helen was operating under the banner of Maplebrook Wills, we took great care to ensure the new website was in line with the brand guidelines and styling used by the main brand. The font Roboto was used to match the Maplebrook Wills website, the brand red is used throughout the site, and visual styling such as the use of round, organic shapes is mimicked throughout. A lot of the used imagery is stock chosen specifically for the Shropshire website, but was carefully selected to match the brand’s nature and abstract theme.

The site has many unique features and added styles, such as the branded list items, or the use of expandable FAQs. Usability is key, so the site uses large, easy to read fonts, a lot of whitespace and plenty of buttons to encourage users to click through. Finally, booking functionality was added to encourage users to make an appointment within just a few clicks.


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