About Robinsons Bakery

Robinsons Bakery is a company with a history. Started over a 100 years ago, it changed ownership and its name, before being sold a second time to Valencia Fine Foods Ltd. Valencia owns several food businesses and was keen to restore the business to its original good standing. The company name was changed back to the original name, Robinsons, and the logo was redesigned in 2020 to nod back to the original Robinsons logo – classic and hand-designed cursive writing was combined with a modern font to create a timeless look. The owner of Robinsons, Rob Green, approached Elysian Creative for help. Following the redesign of the logo, they wanted to launch a new website.


The Website

The aim of the website redesign was to follow the same strategy they had used for their logo: to make the site look timeless, using a modern design that celebrated the rich history of the company. The site also had to feature more functionality and content than the previous website. The new site had to allow customers to order baked goods for delivery at home, and make it easier to sign up and order as a wholesaler. New content was added, such as ‘our story’ which explained the history in more detail. Finally, we embedded the takeaway menu to allow users to browse this on the existing site prior to ordering.

To answer this brief, we created a modern and responsive website. Photography from the ‘archives’ was used to showcase the original bakeries, placing emphasis on these photographs throughout the site. The brand red was used as an accent colour, to reinforce the branding, and combined with more toned back colours such as a warm grey for buttons, black, and light grey for backgrounds. The logo used a cursive, handwritten font, combined with Futura, an older but timeless sans serif font. As Futura is impactful and easy to read, we used this as a primary font for headers and sub headers. To nod back to the logo itself, a cursive font was used in large scale for the page titles, to ensure good readability.

One of the primary goals of the website was to showcase the products and sell these online. To achieve this, we used black and white photography everywhere apart from product sections. This contrast between full colour and black and white helps the products to stand out, and encourages users to click these areas within the website.

The client was pleased with the final result, and is looking to grow and develop the website further in the future.

Visit the Robinsons Bakery website

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