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About The Clean Tech Network

The Clean Tech Network was launched by Ewan Bent, who boosts a wealth of experience as a Business Consulting. Advocating for clean and sustainable practices within his past and present businesses, Ewan had been active in the Clean Technology for years. During Covid 18, when digital networking became a more popular practice, he decided to found a digital networking group for businesses, researchers and investors within the Clean Technology industry. As a result, The Clean Tech Network was born.


The Branding

Ewan specified that he was looking for a modern, minimal and professional looking logo. This brand had to represent the three core subject matters relevant to his new business: environment (sustainability) technology and networking. To ensure the logo wouldn’t become overly cluttered or fail to accurately represent these elements, we experimented with a variety of different logo designs. The final concept uses minimal elements to link back to each subject. The colour green, to link back to the environment and the nature theme. The lines and circles, symbolizing transfer of electricity and information to represent technology. Finally, the circles and lines can also represent a chain or connection which links back to a network, linked together.


The Website

The website followed a similar brief to the logo: it had to be clean, modern, professional, and naturally easy to use. As this subject matter is relatively new and has to look and feel very modern, we decided for to go for a variety of different layouts within a ‘hidden’ grid, with overlapping elements for a playful effect. To add to this modern styling we used boxed shadows that make images look unique and eye-catching. The elements used within the logo – the lines and green circles – were used to help users navigate the site with ease. Alongside the main navigation, the lines are used to guide users towards call to actions, and emphasize each button. This helped to drive more leads overall, and resulted in a high volume of enquiries through the website form.

Ewan was pleased with the result, and has since gone on to commission other pieces.


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