About The Inclusion Post

The Inclusion Post was started by Michael Melhado, founder of the Luther Marketing Group. Michael’s aim was to bring different communicaties closer together, and tackle serious issues such as racism, sexism and even global warming. To achieve these goals, Michael asked us to help him launch a new online platform called ‘The Inclusion Post’. The post works as a blog, publishing articles by a variety of different people. All articles are centered around set content pillars, and share positive and empowering stories from the BAME communities, as well as articles dealing with gender, sexuality, disability, environment and much  more. In short: The Inclusion Post sets out to educate and inform, to help bring people closer together.


The Logo

As the Inclusion Post works as a blogging website, the Inclusion Post brand is inspired by news papers and news sources, and had to look professional and serious in tone. To give it a modern look and feel, we worked with a striking sans serif font. Within the other branding – such as within the website – this sans serif is combined with a serif font, to give it a typical ‘news’ feel.
The brand also included an icon, which can be used in both white and full colour. This icon represent the overarching themes of the Inclusion Post: to bring different communities together. Two triangles, set at opposing angles, are merging together to form one new shape. While the text itself is used in either white or dark tones, through the icon more brighter colours are introduced, and reinforced throughout the overall design applications. These colours represent the positivity and diversity of the stories that are being told.


The Website

Our aim for the website is to allow for a variety of different articles, and make it easy to navigate the site. Content pillars were used to allow people to filter by a specific article quickly and easily. Articles are also sorted into sections to represent the different themes. The layout is versatile and avoids repetition, to encourage users to stay on the site and engage with the content, and make the site appear more playful. This flexible and versatile layout also allows the website owners and editors to highlight certain article while making others less prominent. For instance, articles can go into a ‘featured’ section that shows them at the top of the page. Along with this, each section allows for a variety of different article sizes: from big, prominent and hard to miss, to subtle text only features for articles users will be less likely to read. The site even offers the option to show an image or hide this from the homepage, based on how striking the available photography is.

The client was pleased with the results, and is intending to take this site even further, currently exploring additional services and features that can be added in the future.

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