Sign showing U2B Networking logo in blue

About U2B Networking

U2B Networking is a networking organization active in Shropshire, hosting groups in a variety of locations from Birmingham to Stafford. The organisation is founded based on the principle of helping sole traders, freelancers and business owners support each other through training, advice and referrals. Anne Bode, founder of Elysian Creative, is a proud member of U2B networking. As such, U2B approached Elysian Creative and asked for assistance with the creation of a new brand that could represent the changes the company had gone through.


The Branding

Andrew O’Connell, founder of U2B Networking, specified a few details regarding the new brand. He wanted something professional and modern looking and a logo that used a bright blue, linking back to his history as an army veteran. Finally, the logo had to be typography based and not use any additional imagery. We created a distinct mark using letters (and numbers) only. Using negative whitespace, the letters shape each other. The result is a distinct and easy to recognise font that looks professional and slightly masculine in appearance.

Andy was thrilled with the overall result, and has since received compliments from many members on the new brand.


The Magazine

U2B hosts quarterly magazines featuring advertisements and articles written by members. As this magazine is designed and printed by members of the organisation, we were asked to assist with the creation. The challenge, as with many magazines, was to fit in large amounts of content in a small space, and ensure good legibility and layout. Each article had a unique look and feel, using custom colours and imagery. Consistency remained through the use of similar headers and body text, as well as a global footer. Please note that as this edition was created prior to the brand redesign, certain colours and fonts will now be out of style.

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